DIY Gifts for People Who Paddle

With the holidays quickly approaching (I know…too soon, right?), here a couple of great DIY gifts for paddlers that have been tried and tested by yours truly.

DIY SUP Drink Holder – because having a beverage* while paddling is always a great idea

beer cozy 1
Photo by: Shannon M at PaddleWagon

This summer, I was in search of a drink holder for my stand up paddleboard and found a few different options including a pretty  cool “suction cup” one from for $28. But, since I have an inflatable SUP, suction cups just won’t stick to it. Turns out, making my own was super simple…with a total cost of less than $5.

beer cozy 2
Photo by: Shannon M at PaddleWagon

What you need:

  • “Sticky back” Velcro (make sure you get the good stuff, not the dollar store variety)
  • Beer cozy

Cut strips of Velcro. Stick one piece to your board and one piece to the bottom of your beer cozy. Voila!


DIY Personalized SUP Map

For my (25th ;)) birthday this year, my good friend and fellow paddler, Alison, gave me a beautiful and thoughtful gift that she made herself. It was a personalized, framed map with pins showing all of the different places we’ve paddled. It is absolutely awesome!

photo (23)
Photo by: Shannon M at PaddleWagon

What you need:

  • Framed corkboard
  • Map (you can rip out a page of an old atlas, or order a map online)
  • Glue (spray glue works quite well)
  • Map pins

Glue the map to your corkboard. Place pins. You’re done!

Need a gift but don’t feel like DIYing it? Here are some other cool and useful gifts for your fellow paddlers:

  • Waterproof phone and camera cases (range from $10-40). Check out these e-cases from Mountain Equipment Co-op.
  • A surf watch that provides sunset/sunrise times and wind speed. This watch from Nixon has received great reviews and is considered one of the best surf watches.
  • A beautiful, hand-crafted wooden paddle. Check out this Canadian-made beauty from Grey Owl.

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