SUPing down South

Think you have to wait till spring to get back on the water? No way! Here are a few of the best places to SUP (and surf) down south where the air is warm, the drinks are delicious and the waves are sweet.

Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita North End of Beach” by Carnaval King 08 , licensed under CC By 2.0

The village of Sayulita is located about forty-five minutes north of the main tourist hub of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s West Coast. Sayulita is known for its rustic charm, lush jungles and great surf. I have a friend who went to Sayulita on a ten-day vacation two years ago and still hasn’t returned home. It must be pretty good! The quaint town has been attracting surfers for years, and more recently SUP surfers, due to the consistent year-round waves and warm waters. The best time to travel to Sayulita for waves is December to April. Spoiler alert: I’m off to Sayulita in mid-December to try it out first-hand, so stay tuned for updates. 🙂

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

santa teresa
Palm Swept Beach in Santa Teresa” by Kyle Pearce, licensed under CC by 2.0

Located on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, this tiny beachside town is a gem! I had the fortunate opportunity to back-pack in Costa Rica in 2010 and Santa Teresa still ranks as one of my favorite places. From the friendly locals, to the delicious coffee and the awesome white beaches – it is an ocean and nature-lover’s paradise. My trip pre-dated my introduction to stand-up paddleboarding, but I did get a chance to try out some surfing while I was there and it was fantastic.

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Bay View” by David Amsler, licensed by CC by 2.0

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua is located on a perfect half-moon shaped bay that is becoming an increasingly popular SUP and surfing spot. Despite its popularity, it has managed to keep its charm and casual feel. Nicaragua is also known for being much more affordable than other destinations in neighboring countries like Costa Rica. A good friend of mine travels to San Juan Del Sur every year to go to for a women’s surf retreat through, ChicaBrava. She highly recommends it!

Where are your favorite sunny, winter escapes?

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