Paddling with dolphins (in the wild!)

I’ve been back from Mexico for a couple of weeks now and I’m just coming down from my vacation high. Sayulita, Mexico is simply amazing – laid back, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and the diversity of a big city. Loved it! And did I mention, some dolphins found us while we were out paddling in the bay?!! Check out my video (sorry for the bad video quality, I was too freakin’ excited about the dolphins!)


SUP with your Pup

Brazil celebrates dogs who love to SUP with a Stand Up Paddle Dog Tournament!

I’m not sure if you could find two better things to pair together than puppies and stand up paddleboarding. The only thing that could make this pairing any better would be to add in a warm, tropical location. Oh wait. They did that. Rio de Janeiro hosts a stand up paddleboarding tournament for dogs! Who’s coming with me?

Down by the (Saugeen) River

For my birthday this year, my friends didn’t just plan me a surprise birthday party; they surprised me with a 23-kilometer paddle down the Saugeen River! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate my youth 😉 . The Saugeen River trek was one that I had talked about doing for some time but had never managed to organize myself. I’m lucky to have such great friends who executed a flawless paddle adventure.

river sup 1
Saugeen River. Photo by: Shannon at PaddleWagon

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SUP is for Stand Up Paddle…Board?

I am a self-professed grammar and spelling nerd and it irks me that I do not know the correct term for stand-up paddle(boarding). There is absolutely no consistent approach out there – sometimes ‘board’ is included, sometimes it’s not; sometimes standup is one word, sometimes it’s not. Even on this very blog, I’m guilty of throwing around different terms. I decided to do some research.

Photo by: Shannon at PaddleWagon – Humber Bay, Toronto

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