SUP with your Pup

Brazil celebrates dogs who love to SUP with a Stand Up Paddle Dog Tournament!

I’m not sure if you could find two better things to pair together than puppies and stand up paddleboarding. The only thing that could make this pairing any better would be to add in a warm, tropical location. Oh wait. They did that. Rio de Janeiro hosts a stand up paddleboarding tournament for dogs! Who’s coming with me?

DIY Gifts for People Who Paddle

With the holidays quickly approaching (I know…too soon, right?), here a couple of great DIY gifts for paddlers that have been tried and tested by yours truly.

DIY SUP Drink Holder – because having a beverage* while paddling is always a great idea

beer cozy 1
Photo by: Shannon M at PaddleWagon

This summer, I was in search of a drink holder for my stand up paddleboard and found a few different options including a pretty  cool “suction cup” one from for $28. But, since I have an inflatable SUP, suction cups just won’t stick to it. Turns out, making my own was super simple…with a total cost of less than $5.

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