Why you should go SUPing in Bronte

The Bronte area of Oakville, Ontario is a real gem and here’s why you should put it on your “places to SUP” list:

Feels like a tropical oasis in the North: with crystal clear water and a white sand bottom, you’d almost think you were somewhere tropical…until you jump in the water.

bronte lake
Here I am enjoying the beautiful water at Bronte, Oakville, Ontario. Photo by: Shannon at PaddleWagon.


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Cold water paddle – update 2

First February paddle ever! We did it right this time – full wetsuit, neoprene gloves and booties…..and a beautiful new board 🙂 Big shout out to the fabulous ladies at SurfOntario who helped us get all geared up for our cold water paddle.

Bronte Beach, Oakville. Photo by: ShannonM at PaddleWagon

Paddling with dolphins (in the wild!)

I’ve been back from Mexico for a couple of weeks now and I’m just coming down from my vacation high. Sayulita, Mexico is simply amazing – laid back, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and the diversity of a big city. Loved it! And did I mention, some dolphins found us while we were out paddling in the bay?!! Check out my video (sorry for the bad video quality, I was too freakin’ excited about the dolphins!)