Lagoon City

Lagoon City, Ontario is a boater’s paradise on Lake Simcoe comprised of – you guessed it – a series of lagoons. But chances are, you haven’t heard of it. This place keeps a low profile and probably for good reason – the people who live here want to keep it their little secret.

Photo by: Shannon M at PaddleWagon

Lagoon City is an urban planning marvel and the 1960s brainchild of Hungarian engineer Andrew Zsolt. It’s a canal-side community with a mix of single-family homes and condos complete with a marina, sailing club and easy access to Lake Simcoe. I would describe it as a modern Venice, Italy or an alligator-less Fort Lauderdale.

My friend and fellow paddler, Alison, and I had seen a few pictures of this mysterious place and couldn’t let another summer go by without checking it out by paddle board. In late September this year, we made the hour and a half trek from Toronto to Lagoon City.

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